September 5, 2011

about "creative quiltmaking"

August 2011 I decided to follow the City & Guilds course Creative Quiltmaking given at the DesignMatters Studios of Linda and Laura Kemshall.

After having short but fruitful learning experiences elsewhere, following a City & Guilds accredited course in quilt making seems the next logical step in acquiring in-depth knowledge. With over 8500 centres in 100 countries, City & Guilds is recognised worldwide for providing qualifications that offer proof of skills.

The course is entirely online and I can access its materials at any time. Even the assessment is done electronically. I can send photographs of my work, questions, remarks etc. by email to my personally assigned tutor.

I committed myself to at least 2 years of study. Successful completion of the course will result in the achievement of City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Creative Techniques (7112) - "Textiles" as proof of skills. You can take a look at the qualification in the City & Guilds Learner Handbook for this course at the DesignMatters Studios.

My true reward lies in the fact that I learn how to emphasis on design, to develop skills necessary to create original and individual work and to explore the making of contemporary quilts. Eventually it is my desire to fully express myself by creating fascinating art quilts.
"Moving fibers" is intended to record my progress on the course with short, personal notes and (re)discovered insights. Don't hesitate to follow me on this journey and come visit "Moving fibers" whenever you want! My blog "Loose Ends" will still give updates on my other quilty/not so quilty stuff.

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