September 5, 2011

finding inspiration (module 1 activity 1)

... while looking for textures and colours ...

A hand carved and painted wooden box from Sulawesi, Indonesia:

02 back of opened box

a box

More souvenirs and other precious things:


  • glass paperweight
  • dried plant part
  • blue cicada from the Provence, France, made from steatite
  • funny ceramic art fish from the Provence
  • shell
  • stork shaped scissors
  • Indonesian canting
  • few magnets resembling roses
  • woodblock stamp from India

An old skirt, a long time ago made by my mother, from beautiful Javanese batik fabric:

06 detail from Javanese batik

The first step from this journey has been taken.
After gathering these items, sketches must be made.
It is a bit difficult and almost daunting to do, but I must persevere to get it done.
Wish me luck!
Thank you for your visit,

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  1. Love the items you have chosen for your box Geni. I look forward to following your progress here.


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