October 11, 2011

papers for collage (module 1, activity 9 to 11)

One of the tasks was to gather papers for collage. These will be used in activities from future modules.

First I coloured some papers:

After filling a page with handwritten text, I used a graphic program to manipulate the text to obtain a diversity in black & white papers:

I had to find a way to keep swatches of the papers for collage and this was my solution:

back swatches fastening
fastening back view:
recycled ribbon is sewed to thick watercolour paper
with a sewing machine

front swatches fastening
fastening front view:
the fastening’s back is glued to a sketchbook page
each individual swatch can be taken out when needed

The colours of the next swatches are related to the colours of my items of inspiration:

I enjoyed creating the papers for collage. While writing these last words, my mind is overflowing with ideas to do some mixed media projects with them. But first things first; the last activities of Module 1 must be finished.

A quote from my tutor, Maureen:
"The reason for doing these initial activities will become apparent as the course progresses. When you're asked to work with pen and pencil line it will later be used for quilting designs. When you're asked to choose shape it will later become appliqué. Colour exercises help with fabric selection, choosing colour combinations for a project, mixing dye, etc. It will all make sense eventually!"

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  1. Lovely papers Geni and I like the way that you are displaying them.

  2. Meticulous recording of your work Geni. I shall enjoy following your progress as you work through your course as I follow the Creative Sketchbook Course. Your papers are inspiring, I have been making a few, and now I shall try some more fired on by your ideas.

  3. "Brings back memories!" It was fun doing the course!


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